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From rebuilding destroyed or neglected schools to replacing damaged playground equipment, books and toys, your donation will make a difference in the lives of the children in Indonesia. Join us in helping children receive a better education and overcome poverty.

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Wallet address: 3BJRUsgvsZK75iU9gPaKaFX2NbSubC6o61

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Bank Name: Bank Central Asia
Account Name: Yay Hati Gembira Indonesia
IDR Acct #: 5260311982
USD Acct #: 5260312482

You may also send a cheque to:
Yayasan Hati Gembira Indonesia (Happy Hearts Indonesia Foundation)
Graha Indramas Lantai 4
Jl. KS Tubun No. 77
Jakarta 11410 Indonesia

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Happy Hearts Indonesia is a registered nonprofit organization in Indonesia under the name Yayasan Hati Gembira Indonesia (Happy Hearts Indonesia Foundation) with registration number

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