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Diary of an Intern: A Heart to Help Charity Festival

Following my presentation at Raffles school in march, I got to attend their charity festival last Saturday. With the motto “A Heart to Help” Raffles has partnered with Happy Hearts to rebuild one school in NTT. To raise the funds necessary Raffles’ student council and staff have been planning a charity festival to be held on their campus in Pondok Indah. Working with various sponsors as well as students’ parents they organized dozens of booths and activities for the event. Of course Happy Hearts Indonesia was present as well and we had our own booth. The event was kicked off by an opening ceremony including various student performances as well as speeches given by the school’s dean Mrs. Maureen and Happy Hearts Indonesia’s Development Director Lusman. Before the booths were officially opened, everyone gathered around the courtyard and shot paper planes with their wishes and dreams for their future written on them from the balconies. The booths offered a variety of amazing food, from ice cream and brownies to dumplings and curry. The basketball court had been transformed into a playground with two bouncy castles and a mechanical bull. While some people were shooting hoops on one side of the court, others were making huge soap bubbles. But the best seller by far was the dunk tank. Students and teachers were taking turns getting dunked and thereby staying cool despite the heat. When we packed our things most booths had already sold out and another successful event was coming to an end. If your school wants to raise funds for Happy Hearts Indonesia, drop Lusman a line at Written by: Anni