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Diary of An Intern: PAUD Widuri Opening Ceremony

On February 11th, I woke up earlier than usual. The sky was still dark and the sun was barely seen. I arrived at the meeting point in TB Simatupang at 6 am in the morning. That day, we will attend the opening ceremony of PAUD Widuri in Kota Cilegon which is so far away from where I live and where Happy Hearts Indonesia’s office located. That was why we left very early. Fortunately, we arrived at PAUD Widuri at 8/9 am, just in time. Teachers and students of PAUD Widuri were still working on the preparation for the ceremony. The first things that caught my eyes were the mural and the new building of the school. The mural is so pretty and colourful. There are animals, letters, and flowers painted on the walls. More importantly, the building looked safe, strong and proper for the children to learn in. After being amazed by the final result of this school reconstruction work, I was impressed by the excitement and efforts put by the teachers and students of PAUD Widuri to inaugurate the new building. They decorated the classrooms nicely. There were ribbons, balloons, and colourful papers hanging around the venue that made the atmosphere even merrier. The students were all dressed up for the opening ceremony. Some of them wore Minangese traditional attire while others wore beautiful red dresses. I was guessing that the costumes indicate that they will be performing a traditional dance and a modern one. I was right! Later on, they performed a wonderful Minangese traditional dance followed by a delighting modern one. It was a pleasure to capture that moment with my camera. This opening ceremony was also attended by the representatives of PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical who supported the rebuilding of PAUD Widuri. The students were excited to welcome them in front of the school. They were singing and waving. This moment made me think of what it means for corporates to contribute to the communities. It was more than just a CSR program. It was a beautiful way to build a good relationship between the company and the surrounding community. A few hours passed and the ceremony was finally well done. The representative of PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical looked so happy to see the school building while the teachers and parents expressed their gratitude endlessly. However, the most important thing was the excitement showed by the students. They were absolutely happy. They immediately played with the new educational toys, tried their new chairs and tables and ran around the playground. I tried to ask some of the students about the new school and facilities but they were way too excited and busy with their new toys. Nevertheless, my question was already answered. It was so touching to experience the opening ceremony. Especially, when I realized that even though it is just a very tiny part, what I do with Happy Hearts Indonesia is very meaningful both for the children and myself. You can also do your part in making a difference in the lives of those children by donating, collaborating or volunteering with Happy Hearts Indonesia. Written by: Dinda