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Czech Republic Humanitarian Aid Rebuilds Four Schools in North Lombok Benefiting 200 Students to Ensure No Children are Deprived of an Education Post-Disaster

Press Release Jakarta, 29 October 2019 – The Czech Republic Humanitarian Aid, through its Embassy in Jakarta, has delivered over US$ 120,000 for rebuilding schools that were affected by the 2018 Lombok earthquake. The Czech Republic Humanitarian Aid is partnering with Happy Hearts Indonesia, a non-profit organization dedicated to rebuilding schools, as their implementing partner to rebuild four schools in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. “Following the last year’s natural disaster we have received a spontaneous reaction of sympathy and solidarity from Czech people, encouraging us to help Lombok and offering a personal contribution. I am convinced that the finalized project, focused on education and helping children to return to everyday habits and happiness was an efficient contribution to the recovery of the island,” said Jakub Černý, Deputy Head of Mission of Czech Republic Embassy Jakarta on Thursday (24/10) The 7.0 magnitude earthquake and a series of aftershocks have devastated a large part of Lombok, causing damage to over 600 schools and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. Czech Humanitarian Aid took part in the process of rehabilitation and relief operation in Lombok focusing on the urgency for children to get back into education. Schools help affected students in an emergency situation to get back into a structure, routine and restore a sense of normalcy.

The project started in November 2018 to rebuild four schools in North Lombok, including three early childhood education schools and one primary school. PAUD Al Muhsinin, PAUD Permata Hidayah, PAUD Suli Mekar, and SD Ar Rahmah were flattened due to the earthquake and students were forced to resume their studies under a tent as their temporary learning center. Being exposed to heat and debris, children, parents and teachers’ health is under risk.

Within a period of 11 months, these school buildings are completed with two classrooms, a toilet, a playground, and furniture to complement students learning activity. The school buildings are also designed in an earthquake-resistance structure to protect from earthquakes in the future. The project has benefited over 200 students. “We are proud to have earned the support from the Czech Republic Humanitarian Aid and Czech Embassy in Jakarta to carry out our mission to rebuild schools across Indonesia, and restore children’s hope for a brighter future,” said Sylvia Beiwinkler, CEO of Happy Hearts Indonesia.