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A Little Goes A Long Way

One of our programs supported by monthly giving is Happy Kids. Through Happy Kids, schoolchildren receive uniforms at the beginning of each academic year, nutritious meals 3 times a week, health examination twice a year, as well as a monthly activity to teach them about the environment. Bila (in photo) is a student at PAUD Pelita Kasih, a preschool we rebuilt in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, where Happy Kids program is running. Bila and his two younger sisters (twin) who also go to Pelita Kasih, live with their uncle not far from the school. With a mother who left home, a father being migrant worker and an uncle who works all the time, Bila needs to care for his sisters. Early every morning Bila and his sisters would go to the school principal’s house, next to the school to have breakfast and use the bathroom to shower. They will then wait for other children to arrive. Bila and his sisters depend on nutritious meals provided at the school through Happy Kids program. These meals are usually simple: rice with spinach soup and tempeh, sandwich with milk, or mung bean porridge. Nevertheless, to some children at the school, this simple meal might be their only meal of the day. A little goes a long way. For Bila, on good days when there is leftover side dish, he would cook rice so he and his sisters could have lunch after school. Otherwise, they would change their uniforms and go back to school to play in the playground. Your monthly giving makes a difference for children like Bila and his sisters. Join our changemaker community and give monthly today. A little goes a long way.