How We Work


Happy Hearts Indonesia identifies schools in areas affected by natural disasters and communities in need, rebuilds them in a disaster-proof way allowing children to have a safe learning environment. Rebuilt schools are equipped with indoor furniture, outdoor play area, books and educational materials. Education and safe educational facilities are the best investments we can make in the effort to overcome and prevent the damaging consequences of natural disasters and poverty.


Happy Hearts Indonesia creates independence through its sustainability initiatives. Happy Hearts Indonesia incubates and fosters a community-oriented business as a programmatic companion to the new schools, thereby ensuring a long-term funding stream for the maintenance and development of the school, and by extension, the community.

School Development Program

Happy Hearts Indonesia collaborates with other NGOs and volunteers to provide trainings for teachers and parents in nutrition, school management and effective teaching methods.

Additionally, Happy Hearts Indonesia engages school donors to continue their support by regularly contributing to the schools through uniform, school kitchen and tuition support.