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Plaza Indonesia’s Impact with Happy Hearts Indonesia

Schools rebuilt
Children served
Community Members Supported

Our Partnership Story

Our partnership with Plaza Indonesia began in 2014 when we rebuilt PAUD Al Idrus, a pre-school located in Bekasi, West Java. To date, a total of 7 schools were rebuilt with generous support from Plaza Indonesia.

Besides providing safe schools with decent learning facilities that have positively impacted more than 8000 children around Greater Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia has also been very supportive in various fundraising efforts that we do from time to time.

Proper supporting facilities enable the teachers to develop their teaching methods. The implementation of various teaching methods and learning activities have also helped both students and teachers to be more confident to participate in various competitions.

PAUD Al Idrus, for instance, has been actively participating and winning in various competitions at the district level. This experience has encouraged the teachers to level up their capacity through various teacher training programs. This domino effect of a proper learning facility is something that we wish to be continued at every school we rebuilt.

The availability of safer, larger, and more convenient classrooms that are equipped with decent learning facilities has always significantly affected the enthusiasm of parents to send their children to our rebuilt schools. This can be seen from the increasing numbers of students enrolled in most of our rebuilt schools every year.