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RODAMAS’ Impact with Happy Hearts Indonesia

Schools rebuilt
Children served
Community Members Supported

Our Partnership Story

Our partnership with Rodamas Group began in 2014 when we rebuilt TK Babussalam, a pre-school located in Pangalengan, West Java. Five years later, a total of 8 schools were rebuilt to help improve the quality of early childhood education in the different areas of Indonesia.

PAUD Teteneras which is located in Kabupaten Malaka, East Nusa Tenggara is the latest school rebuilt with support from Rodamas. A safer classroom with decent furniture, educational toys as well as sanitary facilities are now available for effective and enjoyable learning activities for 35 students enrolled in this school.

PAUD Lootasi Betaran, is one of two schools we rebuilt with Rodamas last year. 34 students enrolled in this school are now a lot more motivated to go to school with the availability of decent classrooms and proper educational toys.

Furthermore, with proper sanitary facility, now we can help the children to develop healthy behaviours through Water, Sanitation and Hygiene training.

Proper classrooms and educational toys have also allowed the teachers to use various teaching methods or implement different learning activities to improve the quality of early childhood education in these schools.

This improvement has also mad the teachers and students become more confident to participate in various competitions.