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TIME International’s Impact with Happy Hearts Indonesia

Schools rebuilt
Children served
Community Members Supported

Our Partnership Story

TIME International started rebuilding schools with Happy Hearts in 2014. After supporting the rebuilding of 4 pre-schools in Jakarta, Banten and West Java, in 2017, TIME extended their support to the children of East Nusa Tenggara. To date, with that generous support, 5 more pre-schools were rebuilt in Sumba Barat Daya, East Nusa Tenggara.

To improve the quality of early childhood education in those 5 schools, in addition to safer classrooms and decent supporting facilities, the employees have personally financed an additional assistance program called Happy Kids. This program provides nutritional foods, uniform, health check, environmental education and inspiration day for the students enrolled in those schools.

Thank you to our donors who not only have provided proper building but also uniforms and nutritious food. With better nutrition intake, our students are becoming more active in class. We are also grateful for recent toothbrushing training. Besides learning the right way to brush their teeth, the students now have the toothbrush themselves. It is also a pleasure to see how the students learn to nurture the plants. With proper building and interesting programs, our students are loving school a lot more.”

– Yohana Dada Bulung, Teacher at PAUD Pelita Kasih Camme

We were very happy to see that our child had the opportunity to visit the airport and the beach for the first time. As parents, we are also very grateful for the nutritional food they get at school. After recent toothbrushing training, my son asked me to buy toothpaste because he wants to brush his teeth regularly. It is a good thing

– Lovina Lalomuri, Parent of PAUD Pelita Kasih Camme’s student