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commit monthly to help rebuild schools.

Donate monthly and join the Changemaker community
Commit monthly to help rebuild schools.
Our community is composed of
generous and passionate monthly donors like you.
They’re world changers, and you’re going to fit right in.

*Transaction fee is already included in donation.
If you’re using non-Indonesian cards, please donate in USD.

A donation of Rp 100k or $7 a month over the course of 1 year can buy a cupboard that is used to store books, toys and other classroom essentials.

A donation of Rp 200k or $14 a month over the course of 1 year can buy educational props that will be used in classrooms to improve teaching and learning activities.

A donation of Rp 350k or $24 a month over the course of 1 year can buy 6 sets of ergonomic tables and chairs so that students will be able to sit and learn comfortably.

A donation of Rp 500k or $34 a month over the course of 1 year can buy windows for rebuilt school classrooms to allow proper ventilation.

We’re an open book

We have been recognized for our accountability and transparency.

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100% goes to rebuilding schools

100% of all donations we receive are going to fund safer schools.

We prove every project

Along with using your donation to fund school rebuilding, we also prove each project with photos & GPS coordinates.

what our Changemakers say…

Why Subscribe to Change?

As a Changemaker, you keep us sustainable and help us plan better. Your monthly donations are pooled to rebuild schools and extend our programs across Indonesia, giving children access to better education and conducive learning environment through safe schools and proper facilities.

Story from the Ground

This is Celsy, an inspiring student with a dream of becoming a nurse. Ever since her school was rebuilt, doors of opportunities started to open too. Learning became a much more fun activity which enabled her to represent her school at the Regency level for the National Student Olympiad and even won 3rd place in science subjects.

as a Changemaker, you will receive