Happy Kids

We started the Happy Kids program in September 2018 with the support of our long-term partner Time International. This monthly corporate giving program is part of our ongoing mission to connect donors with schools in need of extra assistance. This program provides students with nutritious foods, school uniforms, environmental education, health education and inspirational day. Currently, this program runs in five schools in Sumba, all supported by Time International. With additional new monthly recurring donations, we hope to expand this program to more schools in Nusa Tenggara Timur.


Nutritious Food

This program aims to improve children’s knowledge and attitudes toward nutrition and healthy food. By using local ingredients like cassava, corn, rice, fish, eggs, and milk, we provide nutritios food three times a week.


School Uniforms

Many parents couldn’t afford to buy school uniforms for their children, especially in Nusa Tenggara Timur. We provide students with new uniforms once a year, at the beginning of the school academic year. By providing school uniforms, we also believe that it will increase children’s enthusiasm to go to school everyday.

Environmental Education

This program aims to increase awareness of children about a healthy environment and sustainability. We educate children to love and protect the environment. As a part of the program, we invite students to clean up schoolyards once a month, and nursery plant once a year.

Inspirational Day

We organize Inspirational Day twice a year. We invite professionals such as doctors, photographers, government workers, etc, to share with students about their job descriptions and experiences. This program allows students to build imagination about professions and career in the future as well as strengthen their confidence and determination to continue to strive for achieving goals.

Health Education

Working with local cadres from the Posyandu (Community Health Post) and Puskesmas (Community Health Center), we provide:
1. health education and medical check-ups two times in a year
2. dental health education, where we provide students with toothbrushes and toothpastes and teach them how to brush teeth correctly

School Reconstruction

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School Reconstruction

WASH Training

Disaster Awareness Training

Teacher & Management Training

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Happy Kids