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Library Construction

Libraries built

Library Build

Since 2017 we have started the construction of libraries to our elementary, junior and senior high schools. There is a total of 10 libraries in Java and Nusa Tenggara Timur. The average construction cost of one library is USD 7,000.

Children impacted

Library Dashboard

  1. 20 libraries built

  2. 2.099 children benefited from our literacy program

  3. 5.462 Books distributed to the libraries

Books distributed


The Happy Hearts Library Program seeks to build child-friendly school libraries to provide children with access to quality materials to read inside and outside schools. Our libraries develop children’s reading skills and habit of reading in the early primary grades up to high school level. These programs will help children become life-long, independent readers.

Our programs at 7 of our libraries are developed by the local Taman Baca Inovator Foundation (TBI) which includes the distribution of books, detailed lesson plans, classroom materials, and comprehensive teacher professional development. These programs are closely monitored and evaluated by TBI and complemented by the coaching of teachers and appointed librarians.

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Library Build

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