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School Reconstruction

School before rebuilding School after rebuilding
Schools rebuilt
Children served

We establish partnerships with donors, communities and local governments who are committed to children’s education. Together we work closely to create a safe and decent learning environment.


School construction takes 2 to 3 months to complete. Each school is equipped with sanitary facilities, furniture, playgrounds for kindergartens and educational materials.


School Build Details

  • Safe, earthquake resistant school construction
  • Local material and labors to support regional economies
  • Doors and windows with adequate lighting and ventilation
  • Private toilets and handwashing stations
  • Furniture, playgrounds for kindergartens and educational material
  • Average school construction cost of USD 25,000

Our rebuilt school is only the start of a transformative education experience. We are dedicated to maintaining relationships with the community for five years to ensure the longevity and sustainability of each school.


School Trainings

As part of our commitment to the schools and communities that we serve we conduct regular training to maximize safety standards. All students and teachers participate in regular WASH and disaster readiness training. These training can help save lives and prevent many illnesses.

We provide toilets and handwashing station at every newly rebuilt school alongside with WASH training to teachers and students.

WASH Training

We provide adequate disaster knowledge and awareness to all Happy Hearts rebuilt schools followed by on-site simulation practice.

DRR Training

School Reconstruction

Library Build

School Management Training