Meet The Guide Runners

Andre's Guide Runners

Guide runners are essentially my eyes when I’m running blindfolded. Here are the 11 runners that will be my eyes at the Singapore Marathon on 9 December.

Richard and Dom

Name: Richard Weller
Occupation: Solar Developer
Fave Place To Run: Marina Bay, Singapore
Hobbies: Living life to its fullest!!

Name: Dominique Mosbergen
Occupation: Journalist
Fave Place To Run: MacRitchie Reservoir, SG
Hobbies: Teaching yoga, loving life

Andre Huber

Name: Andre Huber
Occupation: Director
Favorite Place To Run: My neighbourhood and MacRitchie, SG
Hobbies: Golf, travel

Laura and Jon

Name: Laura Yeap
Occupation: HR Specialist
Favorite Place To Run: Marina Bay / Barrage, SG
Hobbies: Hiking, mahjong

Name: Jon Lee
Occupation: Financial Planner
Favorite Place To Run: MacRitchie, SG
Hobbies: Rugby, Rugby, Rugby

Aaron Cherbonnier

Name: Aaron Cherbonnier
Occupation: Personal Trainer / Fitness Guru
Favorite Place To Run: MacRitchie trails
Hobbies: Callisthenics, Parkour


Name: Elayne Ho
Occupation: Banker
Favorite Place To Run: Botanic Gardens, SG and in San Francisco for the cooler weather
Hobbies: Love travelling to places off the beaten track

Kevin Ou

Name: Kevin Ou
Occupation: Managing Partner
Favorite Place To Run: East Coast Park
Hobbies: Photography, directing, creating experiences and building things

Gregory Yeap

Name: Gregory Yeap
Occupation: Banking Executive
Favorite Place To Run: MacRitchie Reservoir
Hobbies: Cycling

Paul Foster

Name: Paul Foster
Occupation: Actor / Host
Favorite Place To Run: Anywhere outdoors
Hobbies: General sport & fitness, food and travel

Ari Cherbonnier

Name: Ari Cherbonnier
Occupation: Wonder boy extraordinaire
Favorite Place To Run: At football class
Hobbies: Going to Universal Studios, drawing, building Lego and Hot Wheels

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