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Meet The Guide Runners

By 29th October 2018#IAMCHANGE
Andre's Guide Runners

Guide runners are essentially my eyes when I’m running blindfolded. Here are the 11 runners that will be my eyes at the Singapore Marathon on 9 December.

Richard and Dom

Name: Richard Weller
Occupation: Solar Developer
Fave Place To Run: Marina Bay, Singapore
Hobbies: Living life to its fullest!!

Name: Dominique Mosbergen
Occupation: Journalist
Fave Place To Run: MacRitchie Reservoir, SG
Hobbies: Teaching yoga, loving life

Andre Huber

Name: Andre Huber
Occupation: Director
Favorite Place To Run: My neighbourhood and MacRitchie, SG
Hobbies: Golf, travel

Laura and Jon

Name: Laura Yeap
Occupation: HR Specialist
Favorite Place To Run: Marina Bay / Barrage, SG
Hobbies: Hiking, mahjong

Name: Jon Lee
Occupation: Financial Planner
Favorite Place To Run: MacRitchie, SG
Hobbies: Rugby, Rugby, Rugby

Aaron Cherbonnier

Name: Aaron Cherbonnier
Occupation: Personal Trainer / Fitness Guru
Favorite Place To Run: MacRitchie trails
Hobbies: Callisthenics, Parkour


Name: Elayne Ho
Occupation: Banker
Favorite Place To Run: Botanic Gardens, SG and in San Francisco for the cooler weather
Hobbies: Love travelling to places off the beaten track

Kevin Ou

Name: Kevin Ou
Occupation: Managing Partner
Favorite Place To Run: East Coast Park
Hobbies: Photography, directing, creating experiences and building things

Gregory Yeap

Name: Gregory Yeap
Occupation: Banking Executive
Favorite Place To Run: MacRitchie Reservoir
Hobbies: Cycling

Paul Foster

Name: Paul Foster
Occupation: Actor / Host
Favorite Place To Run: Anywhere outdoors
Hobbies: General sport & fitness, food and travel

Ari Cherbonnier

Name: Ari Cherbonnier
Occupation: Wonder boy extraordinaire
Favorite Place To Run: At football class
Hobbies: Going to Universal Studios, drawing, building Lego and Hot Wheels

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