Sasa for PAUD Senang Mata

By 21st February 2020#IAMCHANGE

PAUD Senang Mata is located in Desa Waimangura, Sumba Barat Daya, NTT. The school provides early childhood education to 34 students.

Learning activities are currently conducted in a building made of bamboo walls, asbestos roof and cement floor that consists of only one classroom. The classroom is used to accommodate all of the students and this leads to uncomfortable learning activities with various limitations. When it comes to heavy rain, the school would be flooded and class would be cancelled immediately.

PAUD Senang Mata, Sumba

PAUD Senang Mata, Sumba

The available furniture at the school are also in very poor condition and there are no proper educational toys to support the development of its students. The school does not have a toilet and the students have to walk to the administrator’s house to use one.

Our partner Sasa with their We Are MSG campaign is currently raising funds to rebuild PAUD Senang Mata so the schoolchildren can learn in safe¬†building, equipped with proper furniture, educational toys, playground and a clean toilet. Donate to Sasa’s campaign at

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