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We don’t stop by rebuilding schools only. We ensure that our schools thrive by providing trainings to our teachers and the school management. These trainings are part of our five-year post construction commitment to each Happy Hearts rebuilt school.
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Financial Management and School Entrepreneurship

HHI initiated a school financial management and entrepreneurship capacity building that is especially important to further develop their knowledge and skills on how to implement financial management and entrepreneurship principles into their school’s operations and daily activities. In turn, participating school principals can better guide teachers and education personnel to manage school resources more effectively.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

This aims to create an active, creative and effective learning process with the role and participation from the community to improve the learning quality. It supports teachers and administrators in how to manage and maintain the school infrastructures and facilities. It provides knowledge in planning, implementing and monitoring all school finances.

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

Most of the schools assisted by HHI are schools affected by natural disasters or located in disaster- prone areas. Recognizing this, HHI ensures that schools have the attitude and capacity for disaster preparedness. Through the application of disaster preparedness education in schools from an early age, it will help student understand knowledge in natural disasters, attitudes in dealing with natural disasters, the importance of the environment to be protected to prevent disasters, and find alternative ways in mitigation efforts.
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