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" Knowing that Happy Hearts is a platform that supports the education of Indonesian children, makes me want to contribute to be able to help provide better facilities and education and help Indonesian children to achieve all their dreams and aspirations. Hopefully this program can continue to grow so that it can distribute more goodness to children throughout Indonesia. "
- Elisse Suhendy (Jakarta, Indonesia)
" Joining Happy Hearts through the Changemaker program gave me the opportunity to contribute to helping the younger generation in obtaining formal education and good values to support their lives in the future. "
- Nathan Nugroho (Jakarta, Indonesia)
" I feel blessed for being a part of Happy Hearts Indonesia. Becoming a Changemaker and supporting more school rebuilding programs have been one of the best parts of my life. I currently work in East Nusa Tenggara and I don't want to see children left without the opportunity to get quality education. I want to see their smiles when they go to school and be happy with their childhood. "
- Adevi Sabath (Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia)
" When we spare a little, it can benefit their future greatly. Thank you Happy Hearts for this opportunity. I hope Happy Hearts will grow to be a channel of blessings, especially in giving access to the nation's young generation to go to school, because school gives them the opportunity to know their dreams and create a bright and quality future! "
- Grace Maria (Jakarta, Indonesia)
" Every child, no matter who they are or where they come from, deserves access to education. A good education is a child’s best chance to build a better future. Thank you Happy Hearts Indonesia for making a lasting impact! "
- Rebecca (Jakarta, Indonesia)
" Equal access to education is one of the keys to resilient communities. The Changemaker program has been making impressive progress and I am confident that HHI is the best place to channel your contributions for education "
- Karenina Lasrindy (Jakarta, Indonesia)
" When I came across Happy Hearts Indonesia and the Changemaker program through IG, I wanted to contribute my part in helping to support more school rebuilding programs for the future generation in Indonesia. Let’s make the world a better place for them, with hopes and dreams to pursue! "
- David Calvin S (Jakarta, Indonesia)
" A mother's instinctive nature is to be moved by compassion when she sees a child in need. I am very grateful to be able to participate in helping children with Happy Hearts Indonesia. Even though it's not much, I believe we can all bring blessings to others. "
- Ita Yanthi Silalahi (Pematangsiantar, Indonesia)
" I am very moved by Happy Hearts Indonesia’s initiative for Indonesian children. We hope that our participation can help plant the seeds for a brighter nation. "
- Farida Sani (Jakarta, Indonesia)
" I realize that there are many simple things I can do to contribute. Knowing Happy Hearts Indonesia and the great work they do, made me interested in helping. Hopefully a little help from me can help the children in getting a proper education. "
- Franklin S (Jakarta, Indonesia)
" I believe that proper education is a basic right of all Indonesian people and is the main catalyst for the progress of a nation. This is what moves my heart to give a little contribution (which may not be that much) through "Happy Hearts Indonesia". Thank you so much! "
- Haekal (Jakarta, Indonesia)


these are our commitments

We believe that every child in Indonesia has the right to quality education. We continue to strive in providing safe and conducive learning facilities for children in need.

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—As a Changemaker, you keep us sustainable and help us plan better. Your monthly donations are pooled to rebuild schools and extend our programs across Indonesia, giving children access to better education and conducive learning environment through safe schools and proper facilities

Changemaker impact

I'm so grateful to Changemaker and Happy Hearts Indonesia for rebuilding our school. The students now have a better learning environment. Thank you for bringing hope and opportunity to our community.

—Yuli | PAUD Charisma (Changemaker School), Malaka-NTT

I'm so grateful to Changemaker and Happy Hearts Indonesia for rebuilding our school. The students now have a better learning environment. Thank you for bringing hope and opportunity to our community.

—Rey | , PAUD Charisma (Changemaker School), Malaka-NTT

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