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Happy Hearts Indonesia (HHI) is a non-profit organization that envisions every child in Indonesia having access to education by attending safe and earthquake-resistant schools.

HHI began its mission of rebuilding schools in Yogyakarta following the devastating earthquake of 2006. We constructed over 30 schools during that time. In 2013, HHI expanded its reach by establishing its first international chapter in Indonesia, supporting the reconstruction of schools affected by natural disasters. Moreover, HHI actively reaches out to underprivileged communities to provide them with access to proper education.

In 2018, recognizing the urgent need for quality education and aiming to combat poverty, HHI extended its support to the islands of East Nusa Tenggara (Sumba, Flores, and Timor). Our assessment revealed that schools in these regions were in unsafe conditions, lacking basic amenities such as toilets, sanitary facilities, furniture, and educational materials. Consequently, our focus shifted towards empowering more children in East Nusa Tenggara through the #IAMCHANGE campaign, granting them access to better education.


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Happy Hearts Fund (HHF) was established in 2005 by Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova. Petra herself experienced the devastating Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 while in Thailand. Driven by the desire to help children rebuild their schools faster and more safely, she founded HHF.

The organization began its mission in Indonesia by focusing on reconstructing schools in Yogyakarta in response to the catastrophic earthquake of 2006. In 2013, HHF expanded its efforts globally and launched its inaugural chapter, Happy Hearts Indonesia (Yayasan Hati Gembira Indonesia), with the dedicated objective of supporting rebuilding schools affected by natural disasters throughout the nation.

Recognizing the urgent need for improved education and the commitment to alleviating poverty, Happy Hearts Indonesia extended its support to Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) in 2016. This initiative aimed to rebuild schools in underprivileged communities in Sumba, Flores, and Timor. In 2018, the organization launched the impactful #iamchange campaign to rebuild 200 schools.

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Our mission is to ensure every child has access to a safe and clean school with
adequate facilities and development programs.


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