2.3 million children are at risk
Millions of children are missing out on education! 47% of the schools in Indonesia are damaged and lack access to education. Around 4 million children are out-of-school. There is a huge disparity between urban and rural areas.

Happy Hearts Indonesia is putting children back to school, improve their illiteracy, promote gender equality and close the gap of digital division.
these are our commitments

We believe that every child in Indonesia has the right to a quality education. Therefore, we tirelessly work to provide safe and sustainable learning facilities for children in need.

3 in Sumatera

148 in Java

2 in Bali

28 in Lombok

61 in Timor

53 in Sumba

36 in Flores

4 in Sulawesi

Schools Rebuilt
Impacted Children
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Libraries Built
Volunteer Hours
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sustainable change
From school reconstruction to comprehensive training programs, we are committed to empowering communities and ensuring every child receives a quality education.

School Reconstruction

We build eco-friendly schools using recycled plastic waste to create a safe and conducive learning environment.

Library Build

Our newly rebuilt school libraries provide children with quality reading materials.

Training Program

We empower teachers and school committees with essential skills and knowledge through training programs.


better education

Join us in helping children receive a better education.

better education
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Join us in helping children receive a better education.
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