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Diary of An Intern: Visiting PAUD Nurul Huda with Indorelawan

Happy Hearts Indonesia was happy to give two representatives of Indorelawan the opportunity to visit PAUD Nurul Huda (a school for early-childhood education) in Tangerang. The organization will soon start raising funds through crowdfunding campaign to help rebuild PAUD Nurul Huda. Lusman, HHI’ Development Director, the two representatives and I met at 8 in the morning and then carried on to the school. On our way, not far from the new terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, I could see an almost dry river filled with trash. Right next to the trash area, women sat down by the riverside to do their laundry. To me, Jakarta is full of contrasts: a brand new terminal on one side, women washing their clothes in a dirty river on the other. After we drove through a few alleyways we arrived at our destination. The school was in a village next to a small canal. In front of the school the community already started to build a reading room. In the back they are planning to build a school that will be big enough for two classrooms visited by approximately 50 to 60 students. When we arrived, kids were sitting outside on the floor behind small tables. The teacher was singing songs with the kids, and although a few kids got distracted by us she stayed motivated and smiled sympathetically. In front of the school there was a small kitchen and kids were running around carrying drinks or snacks. Unfortunately a lot of the plastic packaging landed on the ground – but the kids still had time to learn about that and it still needs to be taught, according to Pak Suwandi, the owner and principal of the school. During our visit the two ladies from Indorelawan took a lot of pictures, especially of the building to show that an improvement was necessary. Towards the end of our visit Pak Suwandi, a few mothers and Lusman were interviewed. All photos and videos will later be used to promote the crowdfunding campaign through social media. Before we left, each child took our hand and put it to their forehead or kiss it as a sign of respect. I had the feeling everyone was a bit shy but happy that we came to visit in order to help. I think PAUD Nurul Huda is in desperate need of a renovation: new tables, chairs, toys, and enough space for all the children to play and learn. All in all the children need a school that is fun, safe and comfortable to go to. I am sure that after seeing the condition of the school, our new partner Indorelawan will be motivated to start the crowdfunding campaign. I am curious to see how the school will look like when it’s finished and excited to see the change. Keep following the progress of PAUD Nurul Huda on our Instagram @happyheartsindonesia . Written by: Lea