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sustainable school starts with the people behind

We don’t limit our efforts by only rebuilding schools. We ensure that our schools thrive by providing training to teachers* and school management. This is part of our three-year post-construction commitment to each school Happy Hearts rebuilt.
*our trainings are financed by corporate donors as part of the school rebuilding projects
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current situation

In rural and remote areas in Indonesia, access to education, health services, and economic opportunities are the biggest challenges, especially for women and girls. Only 36% of girls attend pre-school, a crucial stage in their educational journey. 19.8% of women in rural areas lack diplomas, hindering their entry into the workforce and career advancement. This fuels low literacy rates and contributes to 4 million out-of-school children.


Our School Training Program addresses these challenges. With 330+ rebuilt schools, Happy Hearts Indonesia provides workforce access for more than 1500 teachers. Remarkably, 80% of these schools focus on pre-school education, where all teachers are women.

We equip educators with vital financial and management skills to elevate education quality. Our program provides bookkeeping, income projection, and governance training, fostering self-sustainability and proactive problem-solving in schools. Empowering teachers cultivates leadership, driving educational initiatives and setting examples for quality education in underserved areas.

progress tracking

We assess the impact of our program through our Maintenance Rating System (MRS), evaluating physical condition, school development, management, and community involvement. These indicators gauge the program’s effectiveness, guiding support and monitoring efforts to maximize performance and ensure sustained educational excellence.