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The story of Fitriani Manune, a student of SDN Kofi Fatuleu

Greetings from Fitriani Manune! She’s a 4th grader in SDN Kofi Fatuleu, Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur. Her favourite subject at school is Social studies.

Fitri lives not far from her school, only 100 meters away from SDN Kofi Fatuleu. She used to study in an unsafe school building with very poor facilities. Thanks to kind donors, we were able to rebuild Fitri’s school so that Fitri and her friends can study in a more proper and convenient classroom.

Fitri comes from an unfortunate family. Her mom and dad work as farmers. Their house has a backyard used for farming vegetables and make money out of it.

Fitri has to help sell the vegetables in the neighbourhood in order to support and fulfil her family’s needs. She always happily serves the customers, picking the fresh vegetables from her backyard and deliver them to her customers.

Although life has not been easy for her, she’s still optimistic and hopeful. She wants to pursue her dream to become teacher when she grows up, so she always studies diligently.

Let’s help Fitri and many other unfortunate kids like Fitri get a better education to seize a brighter future for them. Be a part of change. Be a Changemaker.