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PAUD Charisma: The Tangible Impact of Monthly Giving

When you join Happy Hearts Indonesia’s Changemaker monthly donation program, your monthly giving is not only helping Indonesian children today; your help is echoing far into the future.  

The Changemaker Monthly Donation Program

The Changemaker monthly donation program is Happy Hearts Indonesia’s most recent effort to raise sustainable funding with no restrictions. We achieve this by allowing individuals, small-to-medium enterprises, and communities to participate in providing safe schools building all around Indonesia by donating monthly.  One year after it was launched, our monthly giving community has raised enough money to rebuild its first school in Malaka, East Nusa Tenggara.  PAUD Charisma was rebuilt in August 2022. One of Happy Hearts Indonesia’s committed monthly giver @curateddeals_  also jumped in to match the accumulated Changemaker fund for this project. This project provides us with a continuous and reliable stream of revenue that enables us to consistently help children in need. We pledge to combine 100% monthly donations received to develop further schools across Indonesia. For our monthly donors, they get to directly contribute to giving access to education to children in the areas that need it most. Donor trust and transparency are vital parts of all our fundraising efforts, we ensure they receive regular fundraising progress and updates from the ground. Many of them also find comfort in the flexibility offered by this program as they are given the freedom to easily change or terminate it at any time. This allows them to have control on their monthly gift.   

About PAUD Charisma

    PAUD Charisma was established in 2012 to provide early childhood education for children of Lasaen Village, Malaka District, Timor. Since the school lacks a permanent and safe school building, classes were held in the community health facility.

In 2020, classes were moved to the principal’s home and utilize the kitchen, made with a zinc roof and half of the walls were made from wood. There was no proper furniture to support learning activities. No sanitary facilities present in the building.

Through the assessment above, we procured and provided for PAUD Charisma; a decent building with 1 spacious classroom that is equipped with proper furniture; educational toys; outdoor playground and; 1 proper lavatory for the school and its community members to be able to conduct proper learning activities comfortably and effectively.

Yuliana Seuk Seran, a PAUD Charisma teacher, expressed her gratitude for the school’s construction and all of the donors who contributed. “Many thanks to the donors who helped rebuild our school and allowed us to have a proper school building,” Yuliana Seuk Seran said.