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enhance your career through community service

Happy Hearts Indonesia seeks to break the cycle of inequality in access to quality education, a global agenda marked as the 4th pillar of the Sustainable Development Goals. We do so by identifying schools in areas affected by natural disasters and communities in need, then rebuilding them to provide a safe and decent learning environment.

We believe that education and safe educational facilities are the best investments we can make to overcome and prevent the damaging consequences of natural disasters and poverty. And there is not a better way than to involve the youth of today to bring this change to the world of tomorrow. Be part of the change.

Who is this for?

Open to all youth ages 15-18 who are ready to commit and make an impact.

Why join?

This program seeks to provide younger crowds with a chance to spend 12 weeks as a HHI Youth volunteer (about 80 volunteer hours). In this program, you will be given an opportunity to get first-hand experience in our school rebuilding projects.

Valuable set of workshops

on how to fundraise and campaign, how to write for important social issues, how to measure impact and conduct on-site surveys

Impactful missions

Each workshop will be paired with a task (impactful mission) that the youth volunteers will need to attend and complete. The final impactful mission will be a group project, while all the other missions are individual tasks.

Enhance university application and career

Youth Volunteer Program will enhance your university application and career through community service, leadership skills, and engagement to real social justice issues; namely the unequal access to quality education and safe school buildings.

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