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Happy Hearts Indonesia in 2021: Reaching the next milestone

2021 was another challenging year for us, since we still had to struggle with Covid-19 pandemic. We worked really hard to ensure that the schools are properly rebuilt in order to welcome back the many thousands of students to schools for face-to-face learning. Our CEO, Sylvia Beiwinkler said, “We have set a new bar in rebuilding 45 schools and 5 libraries across Indonesia. Together with your remarkable support, we succeed to raise more than IDR 21 billion, which enabled us to build back faster and increase the number of rebuilt school per year.” In September 2021, the government finally started to reopen all schools, still following a very strict health protocol with limited school hours and a class shifting system. We don’t know yet how this long period of limited access to education will impact our children, especially those living in remote areas. Online learning remains a great challenge for children who reside in secluded areas of Indonesia. Therefore, our teams on the ground keep collecting data and feedback from the field so that we can seek solutions on how to improve the situation in case of future events. 2022 will start with a bang. We are introducing a new financial management training to our HHI rebuilt schools. Keeping each other properly maintained and seeking financial independence are two of the major concerns of our rebuilt schools. This training helps the school management team to prepare and plan ahead. We are looking forward to a strong 2022. Thank you for your continuous support!