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Jovial Da Lopez Dream Project: Rebuilding schools with Happy Hearts Indonesia

Jovial da Lopez, who is known as Ka Jo on social media, is one of the most popular content creators in recent years. At first, Jovial was active and popular on YouTube through his personal channel, named skinnyindonesian24. Recently, Jovial da Lopez and his brother, Andovi da Lopez, decided to close the skinnyindonesian24 account and stated that they wanted to help education in Indonesia through improving school infrastructure and promoting equality of opportunity in education for Indonesian children. It all began from Jovial’s vision and mission that are in line with Happy Hearts Indonesia. Along with Tumbuh Corp and teams, they succeeded in reaching Jovial’s dream project by rebuilding the Cerdas  Bangsa Junior High School in Maumere, Flores. The construction of Jovial Da Lopez’s school in Maumere was warmly welcomed with enthusiasm and joy by the community and residents around the area, as well as by the Regent of Maumere, Fransiskus Roberto Diogo. With the rebuilding of the Cerdas Bangsa Junior High School, Happy Hearts Indonesia has rebuilt 7 schools in Sikka, Flores, NTT. In the near future, the next school rebuilding project will soon be implemented, which is the construction of SMA Cerdas Bangsa in Maumere, Flores. Jovial Da Lopez’s journey with Happy Hearts Indonesia aims to continue making a bigger impact on education for children across Indonesia.