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PT Chandra Asri rebuilds 5 schools, proving its great concern in education

PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk (TPIA) is a company engaged in manufacturing as a supplier of petrochemical products and is part of a company owned by Barito Pacific. Not only contributing to the industry, Chandra Asri is also active in ensuring the sustainability of the nation’s education which aligns with the company’s vision and mission. Chandra Asri and the Happy Hearts Indonesia Foundation have been collaborating to build PAUD schools in the Banten area since 2017. In the beginning of 2022, the Happy Hearts Indonesia Foundation was again being trusted to work with Chandra Asri to build the fifth school which had just been rebuilt in the Banten area, precisely in Mangunreja Village, Serang Regency. So that in the last 5 years, Chandra Asri has succeeded in rebuilding 5 schools in Java. With the addition of more appropriate schools, more children can learn safely and comfortably so that the teaching and learning process is optimal. The action of giving more attention to education is an important step needed for Indonesia to be able to provide equal opportunities for Indonesian children to gain access to quality education, especially those who live in remote areas. Sylvia Beiwinkler, CEO of the Happy Hearts Indonesia Foundation said, “We need more support from individuals and organizations who have the same concern for the future of education in Indonesia, like Chandra Asri, to accelerate our mission in providing equal access to quality education throughout Indonesia. Because education is the foundation and the  key to advancing the nation and alleviating the issue of poverty in Indonesia.”