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The Right to Education for All

Agnes founded Yayasan Hati Nurani with the hope to provide a proper education for children in the area of ​​Watu Kawula Village, Southwest Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). Five years later, Yayasan Hati Nurani is a home for orphans and a school for young children in PAUD. Without discrimination of any kind based on their conditions, each student is treated the same. In 2019, @asuransiastra moved by the story of Agnes, and through their social campaign #PijarIlmu and collaboration with HHI #iamchange campaign, we rebuilt PAUD Hati Nurani so the children of Watu Kawula village can study in an appropriate environment. Two classrooms have been rebuilt complete with new designed toilets to accommodate children with physical disabilities. Asuransi Astra also provides new uniforms and shoes for all PAUD students, as well as wheelchairs. A new operational vehicle unit was also given to PAUD Hati Nurani. The kindness that goes a long way. And for the students and teachers, this kindness has made a big difference.