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School Facilities Impact on SMP Deo Gloriam Wanno Muttu Student Achievements

One piece of good news came from SMP Deo Gloriam Wanno Muttu students in Southwest Sumba in honor of National Children’s Day, which fell on July 23. They won first place in the Southwest Sumba 2022 Women’s Volleyball Competition. Not only that, but the school that Happy Hearts Indonesia (HHI) rebuilt in collaboration with PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur in 2018 also achieved another sporting success,taking first place in sub-district soccer. This is one of the impacts of adequate school facilities. Research shows that good school facilities, a clean environment, and well-maintained buildings can positively impact student learning.

Adding Sports Facilities

Happy Hearts Indonesia not only rebuilds the SMP Deo Gloriam Wanno Muttu, but we also offer School Management Training to teachers and school administrators. This step aims to ensure that schools gain long-term and self-sustaining benefits without relying on outside assistance. SMP Deo Gloriam Wanno Muttu added a volleyball field to its sports facilities in 2020, a year after the HHI school redevelopment was completed. The school’s self-help program built the 18 x 9-meter area in collaboration with parents, who assisted in procuring materials (stones, cement, etc.), construction personnel, and volleyball equipment such as balls and nets.

After these improvements, the SMP Deo Gloriam Wanno Muttu Girls Volleyball team competed in a Southwest Sumba volleyball match in March 2022. Around 30 junior high schools in Southwest Sumba Regency participated in this competition to commemorate the anniversary of Bhakti Luhur Junior High School, one of the most prestigious junior high schools in Southwest Sumba Regency. The SMP Deo Gloriam Wanno Muttu Girls Volleyball Group won the match and received an award trophy and a cash prize of 1,500,000 IDR.

Achievements for the 2021/2022 academic year

Sixty-nine students graduated, with five students excelling in the academic year 2021/2022. The following are five outstanding students:
  1. Yunita Marina Kiku
  2. Jumerlin Kallu
  3. Fransiska Lolo Murri
  4. Delia Saputri Inna
  5. Serliati Ina Ngallu

For the 2022/2023 academic year, SMP Deo Gloriam Wanno Muttu has a total enrollment of 238 students. Mr. Agustinus Ngongo Rato, the Principal, expressed gratitude for the program’s assistance in rebuilding the SMP Deo Gloriam Wanno Muttu. “The new building provided by HHI is conducive to learning activities for teachers and students. Previously, the study room had a woven floor and walls through which water could easily enter when it rained. Now that the room is better and safer, a sense of comfort arises, and confidence begins to grow because we have a proper study space,” he concluded.