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NFTs for Good Causes: The 0913 Foundation Donates to Happy Hearts Indonesia!

NFTs for Good Causes enables non-profit organizations to raise funds transparently. In addition, this event can also be used by creators to engage new audiences and strengthen awareness of their NFT works. So far, Happy Hearts Indonesia has built 274 schools and helped more than 80,000 students. We could only have achieved this achievement with the help of donors. One of the donors who donated this month is The 0913 Foundation or Yayasan 0913 in the NFT for a charity program.  

NFT Projects for Charity

Only some NFT projects are concerned with profit. Many NFT projects are created to be donated to charities—usually, creators auction off their NFT work to raise money and channel it to specific non-profit organizations. Most of these high-income NFT projects also set aside their proceeds as donations to a charity of their choice. By supporting NFT projects, you are indirectly doing something for a better cause.  

About The 0913 Foundation: NFTs for Good Causes

The 0913 Foundation houses a community-based Web3.0 project called 0913 Errorcode. Founded on this year’s world peace day, the 0913 Foundation pays attention to the development of a decentralized world and, at the same time, supports charitable activities, in collaboration with non-profit organizations, on behalf of the members of the 0913 community. The 0913 Foundation also helps the welfare of the web3.0 user community, such as assisting underprivileged people and wild animals that are less fortunate and endangered. Other NFT creators can continue to follow in their footsteps in spreading kindness worldwide.

Once again, thank you to Yayasan 0913 for donating to Happy Hearts Indonesia. His donation was beneficial for carrying out the operational activities needed to rebuild the school. In the future, we can continue working together to improve education quality and eradicate poverty in Indonesia. Happy Hearts Indonesia accepts donations in the form of cryptocurrency in collaboration with Giving Block. You can donate here to bring Indonesian children’s education in a better direction.