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NFTs for Good: Ten Types of NFTs That Can Be Used for Charity

NFTs for Good is one of the jargon used to explain that you can also use NFT works to do good, donate, and do charity. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have many types and will continue to grow. Quoted from, until now, there are at least ten types of NFTs that you need to know. For the record, you can still donate all the results from these various types of NFTs. You have to auction the NFT on the platform of your choice and donate the proceeds to Happy Hearts Indonesia’s crypto donation widget from The Giving Block.  

10 Types of NFTs

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  • PFP and NFT Avatars
For the time being, this NFT format is the most widely used in the world. PFP and NFT avatars can typically use this type on their social media profiles. You can easily find this type of NFT on Twitter, such as Karafuru, CryptoPunks, Azuki, and many others.
  • Generative Art
NFT generated by computers can be used in conjunction with generative algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), and robots. Some projects employ generative art to create merchandise or promotional materials.
  • One-of-one (1/1) Artwork
The work of NFT One-of-one (1/1) Artwork is divided into several editions. At first glance, the two works may appear identical, but they may have different edition numbers or token IDs.
  • Collectables
Do you enjoy collecting cards from particular series, such as sports cards or Pokémon characters? It may be one of NFT’s works! This work is a sports trading card and memorabilia market in NFT format.
  • Photography NFTs
Photography NFT is becoming increasingly popular and will continue to do so in the future. Photographers can easily sell their work as NFT on the platform.
  • Music NFTs
Like Photography NFTs, Music NFTs are musical works, such as songs, albums, or music videos sold in NFT format. All musicians can sell their works on the NFT trading platform.
  • Gamified NFTs
Play-to-earn (P2E) games, also known as “crypto games,” are gamified NFTs. Skins, weapons, digital accessories, characters, and virtual lands are all available to players in the metaverse.
  • NFT Event Tickets
Image source: NFT Event Tickets allow holders to use tokens as entry access for live and virtual events. You can even buy the NFT version of Coachella tickets. This is different from regular digital tickets because there are more exclusive services for its fans.
  • Membership Passes
Membership passes or membership cards give you access to various exclusive programs. These programs typically use NFT as an access key to unlock certain services and rewards.
  • Domain Names
Since the term “NFT” was coined, NFT domain names have been an essential part of the NFT ecosystem. You can trade these domain names on the blockchain.  

NFT for Charity

As previously stated, you can donate any NFT based on your preferences and needs. There are many ways to help others, one of which is to set aside a small portion of the proceeds from the sale of NFT’s work and donate it to a charity of your choice, as The 0913 Foundation did when donating to Happy Hearts Indonesia.