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Development Program Towards Independent Schools PAUD Rabasa Wamean

Independent schools development programs and indicators of community involvement in improving the quality of education are areas that HHI evaluates post-reconstruction. This article defines an independent school as one that achieves optimal educational goals, resources, and potential, as PAUD Rabasa Wamean has.  

Independent Schools PAUD Rabasa Wamean

PAUD Rabasa Wemean is one of the schools that has kept the building in excellent condition during Happy Hearts Indonesia‘s five-year post-construction program. They recently repaired the terrace stairs leading to the classrooms on their own. The school and parents collaborated to fix the stairs using an Education Office subsidy.       PAUD Rabasa Wamean currently has safe permanent cement stairs. Based on the findings of the HHI monitoring and evaluation, this indicates increased involvement in improving school infrastructure. Furthermore, schools are becoming more aware of the importance of providing a proper education for children. According to, one of the characteristics of an independent school is when the school earns the community’s trust. Furthermore, the diverse student interests, innovative, positive, and dynamic culture, and healthy work environment are hallmarks of an independent school.  

About Rabasa Wamean PAUD

In 2017, Happy Hearts Indonesia collaborated with PT Rodamas to build PAUD Rabasa Wamean. The PAUD, which is located in Wemean Hamlet, Rabasa Village, West Malacca, East Nusa Tenggara, maintains school buildings and other facilities to a high standard. In addition to building schools, Happy Hearts Indonesia offers a five-year post-rebuilding development program. The school development program includes teacher and student training in entrepreneurship, DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction), and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene). You can support school rebuilding programs as well as post-construction training with a monthly donation. In addition, HHI also accepts donations in the form of Cryptocurrency in collaboration with the Giving Block. You can help Indonesian children’s education for a better future with just one click.